Sex Coupon Books For my husband?

By Coupon Clipper

I’m 20 and my husbands 21 and we have a 2 year a baby named Jasmin, now if there is anyone who has a child they know there’s really no “spark” between you and your spouse. Now I wanna make a sex coupon book for him for Christmas. I just don’t know what to put in it. Any ideas?

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Kissing, Hugging are obvious answers, but maybe kissing a certain way or kissing certain body parts. Maybe dressing up with a costume or he gets to pick a scenario…playing strip poker to using toys or something along those lines. Good Luck.


BOOST up your SEX life
dont ever let it DIE
thats a stupid tihng
yahii know your littile girl comes first and you must take care of her
but honstly Put naked PIC of you and tell him you want to boost up everything



Sex coupon? Do you mean in the sense that he can cash in the coupon for whatever he wants for sex that night?


Maybe a certain number of coupons like in a monopoly game? Each one good for a certain type of sexual activity. Just for kicks put in a few like, “take out the garbage”, “wash the car”; just to keep him off balance?


give your husband a list of things you like to have done to you also list things he likes in bed then choose ten and put in your book i hope it works because it would for me.MILDRED SENT ME


Sounds like a fun idea and maybe more people should try stuff like this to re kindle their relationship rather than giving up and filing for divorce. As for me having any ideas on this I’m going to have to think about it, I will get back to you.


Just make sure no one sees it, even your child. It would be awful if your child should get ahold of it and show it to the babysitter, grandparent, etc. What happens once the coupons are used up? Maybe one of the coupons should say something about how the coupon book is good for a lifetime.

“Good for one hand job. This can lead to complete intercourse” is something you can put on one of them.


make some coochie coupons…buy one get one free


what a great idea! two will have fun with this..i would have coupons for different positions and oral sex for him and you and could also add some fun ones like role playing just to make him say dress up like Marilyn Monroe or anyone else you think he might like..just to be silly


You can actually buy them at Spencers! They’re like $7 but they’re all different type of things to do to each other.

Cute idea!


I think t is a great idea to have a sex cupon book. I am a mom of 2 and expecting. I am a very sexually fulfilled wife but it was not always like that.

Most men want sex way more then women…in general. I find that couples don’t know how to handle this. Some women give sex to their man because they love them and want to please them but it is hard for the women because they are not enjoying it. They may even eventually end up hate it which will only lead to the women eventually shutting down sex altogether.

There is a solution. This is what my husband and I do and it works great. I had to get him to realize that I was sexually satisfied which was hard for him to understand. I mayonly wan t sex once a week or once every two weeks. For me this is enough, he had to understand this. At first he thought that maybe I wan’t attracted to him or that there was a problem. There wasn’t it I just didn’t NEED it as much as him.

Second I made sure he understood that I WANT to please and pleasure him even if that means me getting him off without me getting off. I knew that he needed it more than me and I was willing ot help him out. This also was hard for him to understand how unselfshly I would want to help him out. Once it clicked in his head he could allow me to get him off and he caould truely enjoy it knowing it was my pleasure to help him. I wanted to. He could enjoy himself more knowing that I was sexually satisfied and ok.

Well this was great for me too because it took the pressure off me to have sex when I am not in the mood to. I either gave him BJ’s handjobs or if I was tired I layed there naked and let him get off. This worked great for us.

Now when we do have sex he knows I am fully enjoying it because he doesn’t pressure me at all. I also now enjoy sex it a whole lot unlike beofre when I was starting to resent him and hate sex.

Funny thing is that the tables have actualy turned this has increased my sex drive so much that I am now wanting it more that he does. And he gets me off hapily without necessarily having sex with me.

It’s a nice agreement.

I hope this helped.

Ideas for your sex cupon book….Valid for one BJ right when you get off work and walk into the door. Valid for one lapdance in a sexy outfit. Valid for one full body massage. Cupon for getting off in a way you prefer. Valid for sex in your style and preferance. Valid for one date night without the kids. Valid for one sex nthe kitchen. Valid for one sex in the shower, Valid for one sex night after a fight, etc, etc, just get creative.

Good luck with this….I hope it’s not too hard for you to happily fulfill one of those cupons when he wants to use them as an inconvenient time.

Another great idea you could do is get a sticky pad shaped in a heat and on each piece write something you like and admire about him…use a thesthorus it helps lots. From how he looks each body part to things he does for you, why you fell in love with him, to things you want to do with him….like sleep under the stars, dance n the rain, go skiing, growing old together, go to Disney world, vegas, italy or whatever you wish to do together.

Hope I was of some help


Just buy one.


I made one for my hubby – he still has it (not all the coupons are used yet).

I just put a combo of things: Like:

Back rub with oil
Making him the dessert

You can buy the coupon books in Spencer’s gift store. But look thru the net for love coupon book and I’m sure you will find some more things to put in there.


Look, there are a ton of things to put in there, I know this time of year, money is tight, but they truly have seriously nice coupon books for sex out there everywhere that are steamy and really nice! I would either look online for one, or if you don’t want to waste your time, go into a shop. I totally understand you have you baby, so stop by spenser’s at the mall. They always have the coupon books there.They typically range for about five bucks. That will take the stress out. Happy Hunting!!

Sample text: € With this coupon, I’ll fulfill your heart’s desire. Whatever you ask for, baby, you’re gonna get. € When you present this coupon, I’ll drop everything and give you the sexiest massage you’ve ever had. € With this coupon, you’ll be teased until you’re so hot you can’t take it anymore. Then, I’m going to do whatever it takes to give you some sweet release.

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