Can gap (meaning Old Navy, Gap, and BR) employee’s use their discount online?

By Coupon Clipper

I currently work at Old Navy and was wondering if there was a way to use my discount online?

I went through the order process at the gap site but couldn’t find any place of entry, and I also went to the employee portal site but didn’t find anything useful on my topic.


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I also work for Gap inc. As far as I know (my manager told me), there is no way to apply your discount when ordering online. What you have to do is order your items and when you recieve them, take them and the invoice to your store and they do some sort of return and then apply your discount.

Hope that helps!


No, but ask your manager if you can return the item in-store and then re-buy it with your discount because as far as I know, you can do that if the item is not in your store.

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